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Are ALL Dinosaurs Extinct?

Extinct Animals – Or Are they? When you look at facts about dinosaurs, one thing that comes to mind is that they're all extinct, or are they? Some people say these extinct animals are anything but that, maybe a majority of them are, but for the most part our oceans haven't been explored as much […]

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Will The Frankenstein Meat Make You Turn Vegan?

Frankenstein Meat!  Now if there's one thing that I can't stand, it's videos like this. I mean I already look at the stuff I eat and think, "how safe is this to eat"?  After watching this it kind of makes me want to go vegan, well maybe for now ….  This video was taken in […]

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Top 5 LARGEST Animal Mysteries EVER

Imagine working at a vet hospital or a 24 hour vet hospital and someone in a semi truck brings a monster lizard to you. As insane as this sounds, there are beasts and creatures out there that are far bigger than anything that we know of.  Now would we want to find it? There are […]

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The San Antonio Ghost Tracks

The Haunted Rail Road San Antonio  Supposedly there's a story of a bus that was full of children from a school in San Antonio that died on some tracks. The ghosts of these kids are supposed to push you over the rail road tracks in an attempt to help you out.  Some say this due […]

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Largest Shark Ever Recorded!

The Largest Great White Shark Ever Recorded? Mexico's Guadalupe Island is one place you really don't want to go deep sea swimming at, the reason being it's a seasonal home for the monster Great White Shark! But beyond all great whites that hang around this area, there's one that everyone knows about.  DEEP BLUE!  This […]

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