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Top 5 LARGEST Animal Mysteries EVER


Imagine working at a vet hospital or a 24 hour vet hospital and someone in a semi truck brings a monster lizard to you. As insane as this sounds, there are beasts and creatures out there that are far bigger than anything that we know of. 

Now would we want to find it?

There are those who immensely big creatures on film and video but never say anything about it. I mean come on, if you took a picture or a video of something would you honestly say something about it? How long until you get accused of using a professional video editing program or some type of Photoshop picture editing program?

Anyways check out the the 5 LARGEST animal mysteries ever! 


Have you ever seen a big creature? 

Megladon, Kraken, Could They Be Real?

Imagine witnessing something like this up close and personal, I mean who would even believe you if you did see it? Imagine seeing the biggest animal that isn't even supposed to exist pop up right in front of your eyes, what would you do?

Probably not much right, if one of these things were to attack you you probably wouldn't survive to tell the tale. The world is a mysterious place that we think we've mapped and trekked through, but how much of it do we NOT know about?

How much of this planet is still a mystery and how much more will we discover eventually? The questions keep piling up, the more questions we seek answers for, the more questions start to pop up. 

I guess that's the biggest part of it all, answering questions with questions, creating more questions out of answers that we're looking for. But as far as giant creatures, maybe we shouldn't look in the eternal deep or darkness so much. 


Because some things are just better left untouched or alone! 

What are you thoughts on this?


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