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Will The Frankenstein Meat Make You Turn Vegan?

Frankenstein Meat! 

Now if there's one thing that I can't stand, it's videos like this. I mean I already look at the stuff I eat and think, "how safe is this to eat"? 

After watching this it kind of makes me want to go vegan, well maybe for now …. 

This video was taken in Shandong China, and experts believe that the meat was filled with maggots giving it the vibrating or pulsing look. Not much else is known about the meat or where it actually came from. 

Imagine finding this frankenstein meat in the kitchen of your favorite eatery or diner? 

I don't think I would eat meat for awhile if I saw this in person, then again I like to eat my meat well done…. 

Check out the video 


Did this video persuade you to go VEGAN?

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One thought on “Will The Frankenstein Meat Make You Turn Vegan?”
  1. Thepersonwhotalks July 12, 2015 on 12:25 am Reply

    Did not make me go vegan

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