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Largest Shark Ever Recorded!


The Largest Great White Shark Ever Recorded?

Mexico's Guadalupe Island is one place you really don't want to go deep sea swimming at, the reason being it's a seasonal home for the monster Great White Shark! But beyond all great whites that hang around this area, there's one that everyone knows about. 


This monster is is around 20 feet long and has the girth of a hippo, and he's been around for awhile, in fact it's said that he's around 50 years old. He's the biggest ever tagged sharked that has been studied on the planet, although he's not Megladon, he's still one predator I wouldn't want to meet in the water anytime soon. 



Imagine being in the ocean and coming face to face with this monster creature, you would probably die of a heart attack way before he bit you in half. Then again he may not do anything at all, it's crazy to see how he ignores the divers on top of that  steel cage! 

Have you ever seen a shark in person in the water?

Do you know someone who was attacked by a shark?

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