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The Ghost Of An Accused Witch?

The Ghost Of a Witch?

 The Ghost Of An Accused Witch? Could This Be Her? A man captures something odd on video at Pittenweem in East Neuk, Fife, home to one of the last and most infamous witchcraft trials in Scotland. It appears he captured a ghost that many have been seeing here throughout the centuries known as the “weem […]

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10 of the creepiest photobombs ever

10 creepy photobombs

 10 of the creepiest photo bombs ever What If This Happened To You? All of us at one point in time or another have taken a selfie and sometimes we capture things behind us that weren’t meant for the picture. Sometimes its people being silly and other times it’s something creepy that we didn’t expect […]

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Possessed Teddy Bear Or Elaborate Hoax?

Possessed Teddy Bear Or Elaborate Hoax?

  Possessed Teddy Bear  Could This Be A Real Spirit? We've seen a lot of supposed paranormal videos as of late, and while some have been pretty interesting others have been questionable. Now this is one that we find a bit questionable because of the location and the angle of the camera. I understand that […]

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The Top 5 most Evil Women In History

5 most evil women

The Top 5 most Evil Women In History  Evil Women You Wouldn't Ever Want To Meet Imagine being labeled  as "one of the most evil women in history", do you think you would even care? Most of these women probably didn't care about that label or else they wouldn't have done the terrible things that […]

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Top 5 Ring/ Samara Morgan Pranks

top 5 ring pranks

Top 5 Ring/ Samara Morgan Pranks  Now imagine if you were placed in a situation where you came face to face with a ghost, how would you react? Most of you would probably laugh at the idea of this because many people simply don't believe in ghosts. But what happens when you actually come face […]

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