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The Child’s Play Teaser Ad Launched, A New Advanced Chucky?

The Child's Play Teaser Ad Launched, A New Advanced Chucky? So while many fans are torn between whether to  embrace or hate  the fact that there's going to be a new Child’s Play coming out this year. People have been speculating as to what changes will actually take place in the movie, but one thing is for […]

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10 of the creepiest photobombs ever

10 creepy photobombs

 10 of the creepiest photo bombs ever What If This Happened To You? We live in a day and age where just about EVERYONE is taking selfies for a social media site or taking pictures to share with their friends. Sometimes we take random pictures just to see how they come out, but never do […]

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Possessed Teddy Bear Or Elaborate Hoax?

Possessed Teddy Bear Or Elaborate Hoax?

  Possessed Teddy Bear  Could This Be A Real Spirit? We've seen a lot of supposed paranormal videos as of late, and while some have been pretty interesting others have been questionable. Now this is one that we find a bit questionable because of the location and the angle of the camera. I understand that […]

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The Zoo Where People Are Caged And The Predators Roam Free

zoo where animals roam free

The Zoo Where The Animals Roam Free  Caged Rides Around The Zoo  There aren't many zoo's in the world that do this, but China's Lehe Ledu zoo in Chongqing City is the place to go if you want to be locked in a cage and see the animals roam free. Visitors at the zoo ride […]

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Monster Alligator On Florida Course

Florida Golf Course Gator

The Florida Golf Course Gator  One Big Alligator  It's not every day that you run into a problem on a golf course. But what happens when you run into a monster sized alligator on one of the holes. Do you play around it or call it a day and get your money back?  This gator […]

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