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Taco Bell Customer Finds a ‘Door Knob’ Inside Of Their Nachos


  All of us at one point in time or another have visited a fast food restaurant, some of us more than others. But how many times have you looked in your food and found something that shouldn't be in there? Not too many times at all hopefully, but most of the time we find […]

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Husband And Wife Stumble Across Spider Eating Entire Possum – Talk About Scary!

Spider eats possum

Oh imagine the horror…..  You're walking into a room and the first thing you see is this giant spider eating a possum, yes a possum of all things. Sounds a bit like something from the old move Arachnophobia. The movie where the spiders got really big and ate everything and everyone in their way. If […]

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10 of the creepiest photobombs ever

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  10 of the creepiest photo bombs ever   What If This Happened To You? We live in a day and age where just about EVERYONE is taking selfies for a social media site or taking pictures to share with their friends. Sometimes we take random pictures just to see how they come out, but […]

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Possessed Teddy Bear Or Elaborate Hoax?


  Possessed Teddy Bear    Could This Be A Real Spirit? We've seen a lot of supposed REAL paranormal videos as of late, and while some have been pretty interesting others have been very questionable. Now this is one that we find a bit questionable because of the location and the angle of the camera. I understand […]

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The Zoo Where People Are Caged And The Animals Roam Free

The Zoo Where The Animals Roam Free  Caged Rides Around The Zoo  There aren't many zoo's in the world that do this, but China's Lehe Ledu zoo in Chongqing City is the place to go if you want to be locked in a cage and see the animals roam free. Visitors at the zoo ride […]

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