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The Top 5 most Evil Women In History

The Top 5 most Evil Women In History  Evil Women You Wouldn't Ever Want To Meet Imagine being labeled  as "one of the most evil women in history", do you think you would even care? Most of these women probably didn't care about that label or else they wouldn't have done the terrible things that […]

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Is This Actual Proof Of A Real Sea Monster

Real Proof of a sea monster?

Is This Actual Proof Of A Real Sea Monster? Now there are a TON of videos all over the net of supposed giant fish and sea monsters from all over the world, but most of them are blurry and not very good at all. Most of them you can honestly tell they're faked a bit or […]

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Top 5 Ring/ Samara Morgan Pranks

top 5 ring pranks

Top 5 Ring/ Samara Morgan Pranks  Now imagine if you were placed in a situation where you came face to face with a ghost, how would you react? Most of you would probably laugh at the idea of this because many people simply don't believe in ghosts. But what happens when you actually come face […]

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Real Evidence Of Paranormal Activity?

Real Evidence Of Paranormal Activity? So most of you if not all of you who are reading this right now have seen some kind of paranormal type of movie. It may have been one of the Paranormal Activity movies or something similar. Everyone is intrigued by the paranormal and the reality that one day we […]

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The Origins Of Dead As A Doornail

Dead As A Doornail  What's the first thing that you can think of when  you think of  the word nail?  The thing on your hands and feet, or maybe some fake press on nails right? Then again who knows what you may be thinking,  but what about the phrase "dead as a doornail"?  Did you ever think about where this […]

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