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Is This Actual Proof Of A Real Sea Monster

Real Proof of a sea monster?

Is This Actual Proof Of A Real Sea Monster? Now there are a TON of videos all over the net of supposed giant fish and sea monsters from all over the world, but most of them are blurry and not very good at all. Most of them you can honestly tell they're faked a bit or […]

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Movie Theater Plays Insidious Chapter 3 Instead of Inside Out


A movie theater in Middleton, Ohio, became a couple childrens worst nightmare, when they went with their mother to check out Pixar's Inside Out. The movie is about a girl who's emotions find themselves in a bit of a struggle after the girl is met with some life challenges.  But instead of Inside Out the kids […]

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Strange Things Found In Food

Nasty food

Strange Things Found In Food  Have you ever looked at something you just bought to eat or drink and wondered if there's something in it  that SHOULDN'T be in it?  Like what? Canned and processed foods sometimes bring more than just food, sometimes people find bugs, human body parts, rats, and other very disgusting and […]

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TOP 10 GHOST SIGHTINGS    We've all seen our share of scary ghosts and other strange entities in pictures in videos. We also known that  some are real and MOST are fake. But with the advent of so many high tech video editing programs, there are so many ways to fake a video. Anyone with a half way decent editing program can […]

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