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You Can Eat Next To Corpses, Zombies, and Blood At This Horror-Themed Restaurant

The Horror Themed Restaurant You wouldn’t think you find such a place in Saudi Arabia, but the “Shadows” restaurant caters to all horror film fanatics. While the food is to “die for” the theme itself will have you scared beyond belief. The staff comes out fully dressed in props ready to scare you. There are […]

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Paranormal Cirque – A Creepy Look At The Horror-Themed Adult Circus!

The Adult Themed Horror Circus For those of you who haven’t heard about the adult horror-themed circus Paranormal Cirque, you’re in for a treat. The horror circus troupe isn’t your normal under the big top type of experience. This goes far beyond the normal clowns and juggling acts. You’ll find creepy illusions, magicians, freaks, mystical […]

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There’s A Shining Themed Horror Bar In Ohio And You’re Invited!

The Shining Themed Horror Bar There are a lot of interesting things that can be found in the state of Ohio. There are haunted mansions and even a haunted castle with a pretty interesting history behind it. But did you know that Ohio is also home to a pub themed after Stephen King’s “The Shining”? […]

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An Alien Super Fan Built An Amazing Nostromo Interior Replica In His Apartment

The Nostromo Museum One Alien fan took his love for the Ridley Scott movie to a whole new height by turning his apartment into a replica of the iconic Nostromo ship. The fan that goes by the name of Luis Nostromo showcased his own personal Alien museum that he created in his own apartment. The […]

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50 States, 50 Creatures That Aren’t Supposed To Exist.

Cryptids And Other Creatures The United States has tons of stories of creatures that are thought to be myths. Many of these monster legends go back centuries. Even the Native Americans have stories of strange creatures that are thought to come from other dimensions. Others have told stories of creatures that came from above. Could […]

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