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36 year old skeleton of dead baby found in a woman

36 year old skeleton of dead baby found in a woman Now this is one of those stories that really makes you scratch your head. How is something like this  even possible, how could someone have something inside of them for that long of a period and not know about it? I mean when I […]

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The Halloween Drone Ghost Prank – Prepare To Laugh!

Halloween Drone Ghost Prank

Halloween Drone Ghost Prank  So we've been searching for some really good ghost pranks, and honestly this is one of the best ones we've found yet. The reactions that these people have are priceless, imagine just jogging along and then looking back and seeing this flying ghoul looking thing chasing you!  Would you be motivated […]

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The Origins Of Dead As A Doornail

Dead As A Doornail  What's the first thing that you can think of when  you think of  the word nail?  The thing on your hands and feet, or maybe some fake press on nails right? Then again who knows what you may be thinking,  but what about the phrase "dead as a doornail"?  Did you ever think about where this […]

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The First Ever Robot Hotel

first ever robot hotel

The Worlds First Robot Hotel  Imagine being able to carry around  a robotic kit  with you that would help you do things with a simple push of a button. For instance, lets just say you get a flat tire but don't know how to change the tire, so you get your robot kit out and a […]

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15 Of Strangest Unidentified Creatures Ever Found

  15 Of Strangest Unidentified Creatures Ever Found  There are all kinds of weird things out there from people with strange addictions, to strange schools and so on, but what about strange creatures that people find? Some of these creatures are only filmed, but why is it that most of these creatures that are filmed […]

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