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10 Of The Scariest Bad Dream Stories


10 BAD DREAM STORIES  Do you ever wonder what really causes a bad dream? We all have them from time to time, but for some of us a bad dream can be a total nightmare! There's all kinds of theories that tell us what causes a bad dream, but do we actually REALLY know what […]

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Scariest Video Game Horror Glitches

video game

Video Game Design Horror Glitches  You wouldn't think that when someone designs a video game, that they would put odd things inside of a video game. What would make a video game designer think of such things to put in these games. Some say these glitches are in the game and that something more evil is behind it, but we […]

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10 Very Scary But True Stories


Scary But True Stories  Have you ever watched a scary movie based on a true story and wondered if it actually happened like that? I mean some of these movies that are based on real life events are actually really freaky. You have to wonder if most of the movie is made up with bits and pieces being an […]

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Strange Monsters Caught On Trail Cams


Strange Monsters Caught On Trail Cams Those of you who hunt or have trail cams know that you can catch some rather odd things on camera. Every now and then we find stuff that makes us question the things we capture on film.  Most of the time it's bugs or something of that nature we […]

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Alien Creatures Caught On Tape?

Hybrid Aliens

Do Aliens Really Exist?  So supposedly these are authentic videos of real aliens caught on tape, however even we think some of these are rather obviously faked.  Do we believe in aliens or alien life elsewhere? Yes, the universe is too dang big for us to be alone. We can't be the smartest creatures in […]

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