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The First Ever Robot Hotel

first ever robot hotel

The Worlds First Robot Hotel 

Imagine being able to carry around  a robotic kit  with you that would help you do things with a simple push of a button. For instance, lets just say you get a flat tire but don't know how to change the tire, so you get your robot kit out and a transformer type of robot forms and takes care of your problem for you. 

Sounds like something out of a Total Recall movie doesn't it?

Well as far fetched as it sounds Japan has created the first ever Robot run hotel by robots for humans. Imaging going to a hotel desk and being greeted by an automatic robot helper rather then being greeted by a person?

you need you bags carried to your room, no problem a robot has you covered. You need something fixed in your room, once again no problem a robot has it also covered for you. Have a problem and need to speak to someone at the front desk, once again a robot has you covered. 

5 star hotels run by robots? 

Now while there ARE some humans helping behind the scenes at this hotel, most of it is run by robots, eventually it will be 100 percent automated.

How would you feel, how would you react?

As crazy as it seems it's actually happening, and more hotels are soon to follow behind. 

Check it out!

How would you feel going to a hotel run by robots?

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