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6 Weird & Unexplainable Phone Calls

6 Weird & Unexplainable Phone Calls The first movie that was based around a scary phone call that kind of creeped me out was Scream. Back then they didn't have any high tech phone call tracking software like they do now….. well actually as advanced as they are now. But even with advanced phone call monitoring software there's still instances where you […]

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5 Extremely Odd Ghost Videos – Are They Real Or Fake?

5 Extremely Odd Ghost Videos – Are They Real Or Fake? Some of the odd things in this video remind me of something out of the beginning of a pg 13 sci fi horror movie. We've seen strange animals caught on camera that no one can really explain, but what about paranormal type of things? How can we […]

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Strange Monsters Caught On Trail Cams

Strange Monsters Caught On Trail Cams Those of you who hunt or have trail cams know that you can catch some rather odd things on camera. Every now and then we find stuff that makes us question the things we capture on film.  Most of the time it's bugs or something of that nature we […]

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Alien Creatures Caught On Tape?

Do Aliens Really Exist?  So supposedly these are authentic videos of real aliens caught on tape, however even we think some of these are rather obviously faked.  Do we believe in aliens or alien life elsewhere? Yes, the universe is too dang big for us to be alone. We can't be the smartest creatures in […]

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10 Horror Movies That Are So Terrible We Still Watched Them

PG 13 Horror Movies or Rated R Horror Movies   Now we all remember the really GOOD horror movies, but what about those movies thay part way through we end up thinking…  "Why the heck am I still watching this junk?" It happens to all of us every now and then, sometimes more often than we […]

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