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10 Of The Scariest Bad Dream Stories


Do you ever wonder what really causes a bad dream? We all have them from time to time, but for some of us a bad dream can be a total nightmare! There's all kinds of theories that tell us what causes a bad dream, but do we actually REALLY know what causes a bad dream?

Who knows… 

I know I've had a few that were pretty messed up, especially the ones that we have that are recurring ones. The ones that we always remember even when we get older, the dreams that never really go away. 

The dream I had was about a man in a hat, he never really did anything but he was always there, right outside of my window staring at me. The sight of him always made me scared, and then I would wake up and not want to go to bed again. 

The creepy part is that I've heard of this figure terrorizing others, could it be a coincidence or what?

Anyways check out these creepy dream stories people have had. 


What's the worst dream that you've ever had?

Share your dream stories down below! 


2 thoughts on “10 Of The Scariest Bad Dream Stories”
  1. Christian June 13, 2015 on 8:59 am Reply

    I once had a nightmare so realistic and movie like, that even after I woke up, it seemed to have actually happened. I dreamt that I was living in a fancy house in the middle of the forest with all the walls made off glass. All you could see outside were dear and trees when suddenly a white, bright light, flashed all around the house, and I woke up in an interview room, full of police detectives. Who we were interviewing was the most terrifying thing ever. It was a man and a woman, both in hospital gounds, and nothing but darkness all around them with only a light in their white pale faces. Their foreheads had these huge stiches on them and their eyes were yellow. The officers were asking them all sorts of different questions like, why did they do this to you? And what for? Why did they take you up there? But but the officers always got the same blood curdling awnser from the man & and woman. What they would always awnser in a eerie, disturbing voice was, "for the surgery." It was only then that the sounds  and eerie noizes got more disturbing that I realized I too, had a huge stich on my forehead.

    • mrbricks June 16, 2015 on 2:23 am Reply

      That was a pretty intense nightmare! 

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