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10 Terrifying True Horror Stories So Scary They Don’t Sound Real

True Horror Stories

Have you ever watched a scary movie based on a true story and wondered if it actually happened like that? I mean some of these movies that are based on real-life events are actually really freaky.

You have to wonder if most of the movie is made up with bits and pieces being an actual true-life story

Although I’ve seen some movies which say it’s actually true only to find out later on that the movie was all made up. It makes people want to watch it even more, but why would we want to watch movies that are true, especially the ones that have horrific endings?

Good question! 

It seems as if the more warped the movie is the more we want to watch it, I don’t get it, but as humans, it’s almost like we feed off of it. 

Anyways here are 10 really creepy stories that are actually true


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