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The San Antonio Ghost Tracks

The Haunted Rail Road San Antonio  Supposedly there's a story of a bus that was full of children from a school in San Antonio that died on some tracks. The ghosts of these kids are supposed to push you over the rail road tracks in an attempt to help you out.  Some say this due […]

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Strange Sounds, What Could They Be?

Strange Sounds All Over The World!  So what are these strange sounds everyone is hearing? Could it be a government coverup, maybe something like the HAARP weather control conspiracy, or could it be something else like project Blue Beam?  Who knows…  One thing is for sure, many people all over the world are hearing these […]

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Could this possibly be real ghosts?

Real Ghost Sightings Or Clever Video Editing? These days anyone with some type of Photoshop or other video and photo editing software can cook up a video or a picture that will make you scratch your head. Some of these pictures and videos are obvious fakes, but every now and then you run into one […]

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Ghost Jumping Off Suicide Cliff Saipan

The Infamous Suicide Cliff Saipan  The location where this crazy video was shot at has a dark and historical significance. In World War II many Japanese civilians and soldiers jumped to their death off this very cliff. Instead of being captured they jumped to their deaths, making this place a very sad and haunted place.  […]

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15 Of The Most Horrifying Toys Ever Created!

15 Of The Scariest¬†Toys Ever Made Most of us had toys when we were children, and some of those toys weren’t our favorites so we tucked them away in the closet. Every now and then a random toy would pop up as a present of some sort. Usually, on birthdays or holidays, a family member […]

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