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10 Places To Hide During a Zombie Apocalypse

10 Places To Hide During a Zombie Apocalypse  There are a bunch of people who would actually welcome a zombie apocalypse, as strange as it sounds it's true. But what if there was a zombie outbreak, what would be the first thing that you would do? You would need to think about personal protection, emergency survival […]

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5 Ghostly Videos That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

5 Extremely Odd Ghost Videos – Are They Real Or Fake? With so many ways to create fake paranormal videos, it’s hard to decipher whether something is real or fake. You can create a video with a cheap Walmart phone and pass it off as real. So it’s hard to say what is real in […]

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20 Of The Oddest Pictures Ever Taken

20 Of The Oddest Pictures Ever Taken  Every now and then we take pictures of places, people, and things with the intention of capturing something cool. Most of the time when we take a picture we don’t think anything crazy will pop. But what happens when something that you took a picture of doesn’t come […]

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