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Was This Guy Attacked By An Unseen Force?

Demon Attack Or Medical Emergency?    Now this video surfaced in mid October 2014, when it did it went viral for obvious reasons. Now it seems a bit over dramatic and somewhat video edited and photo shopped. Could there have been someone pull the guys legs and finally edited out during post production of the […]

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15 Of The Scariest Toys Ever Made!

15 Of The Scariest Toys Ever Made We all had various toys as children that we loved to play with. Some of us played with toys like G.I. Joes, and others played with Barbie Dolls. If you're older you had toys that were simpler. Not the advanced toys they have now in some places. All toys these days […]

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10 Places To Hide During a Zombie Apocalypse

10 Places To Hide During a Zombie Apocalypse  There are a bunch of people who would actually welcome a zombie apocalypse, as strange as it sounds it's true. But what if there was a zombie outbreak, what would be the first thing that you would do? You would need to think about personal protection, emergency survival […]

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6 Weird & Unexplainable Phone Calls

6 Weird & Unexplainable Phone Calls The first movie that was based around a scary phone call that kind of creeped me out was Scream. Back then they didn't have any high tech phone call tracking software like they do now….. well actually as advanced as they are now. But even with advanced phone call monitoring software there's still instances where you […]

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5 Extremely Odd Ghost Videos – Are They Real Or Fake?

5 Extremely Odd Ghost Videos – Are They Real Or Fake? Some of the odd things in this video remind me of something out of the beginning of a pg 13 sci fi horror movie. We've seen strange animals caught on camera that no one can really explain, but what about paranormal type of things? How can we […]

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