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15 Of The Most Horrifying Toys Ever Created!

15 Of The Scariest Toys Ever Made

Most of us had toys when we were children, and some of those toys weren’t our favorites so we tucked them away in the closet. Every now and then a random toy would pop up as a present of some sort. Usually, on birthdays or holidays, a family member that doesn’t usually come around a lot sends a random present. If it’s for the child and the relative doesn’t have or hasn’t ever really been around kids, the gift might be rather interesting.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have a family member that loves to make their own gifts. They believe what they create is awesome and that a child might like it over a Transfomer or Barbie. But when the kid gets the gift it’s like something out of a horror movie. Some of us have been through this kind of madness, the random gift that we are expected to play with for the time being, even though we just want to throw it and run and hide. Today you’ll see some of those gifts, the ones most of us wanted to run away from but had to be nice and pretend to enjoy them!

Check out this video and see if you had any of these toys, try not to freak out! 

What was the scariest toy that you ever had?

Did you ever have a toy that was kind of scary?

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