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15 Of The Scariest Toys Ever Made!

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15 Of The Scariest Toys Ever Made

We all had various toys as children that we loved to play with, some of us played with toys like G.I. Joes, and others played with Barbie Dolls. If you're older you had toys that were simpler, not advanced like the crazy toys they have now. All toys these days are full of talking, moving, fully animated, and require a TON of batteries. 

But what about the toys that make you look back and think, what the heck was I thinking playing with that? The toys that totally creeped you out, maybe you didn't like a toy that someone bought for you. Maybe it was Christmas gift that your grandmother bought for you, the scary clown that you don't want but you had to have in your room so you didn't offend the person who bought it for you. 

Then there are those toys that no one really knows why they had. You didn't like them, they creeped you out a bit and still they were there. 

Check out this video and see if you had any of these toys, try not to freak out! 

What was the scariest toy that you ever had?

Did you ever have a toy that was kind of scary?



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