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5 Ghostly Videos That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

5 Extremely Odd Ghost Videos – Are They Real Or Fake?

With so many ways to create fake paranormal videos, it’s hard to decipher whether something is real or fake. You can create a video with a cheap Walmart phone and pass it off as real. So it’s hard to say what is real in the full spectrum of things. There are those videos that we can’t explain, they look too real and sometimes the reactions of those recordings give off a real vibe. So if they are real, what are they and does that change the whole scope of things?

Ghost Photos And Other Creepy Things

The best videos are the ones that aren’t trying to capture anything. Their intention isn’t to capture something creepy, it just kind of happens. Then you have those who look for scary things and end up getting into a situation they soon to regret. Today you’ll see a video we found on 5 of the creepiest ghost sightings caught on camera.

Check it out and you be the judge 


There are certain things in this life that become unexplained mysteries that none of us will ever be able to explain. We all speculate as to what these things may be, but do we honestly know and can say what they are?


But while some people use video editing programs like Photoshop, there are always going to be those questions if something is real or not…

What do you think?


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