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The Kraken Lives!

ONE BIG GIANT SQUID!  Most of you have heard of the Kraken, the legendary sea monster that can swallow a boat or even an entire fleet without any trouble at all. While the Kraken is just a story, or until there’s proof of such a gigantic sea creature is myth, no one really knows HOW BIG squids can actually […]

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15 Of The Most Horrifying Toys Ever Created!

15 Of The Scariest¬†Toys Ever Made Most of us had toys when we were children, and some of those toys weren’t our favorites so we tucked them away in the closet. Every now and then a random toy would pop up as a present of some sort. Usually, on birthdays or holidays, a family member […]

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Strange Phenomenon a Cover up?

Real UFO's Or Government Cover ups? Some of you may have heard about things like Project Blue Beam and the Hadron Collider where they're messing around with dark matter and other various things. Now the Hadron Collider is a real thing that is supposedly used for testing, for what? Not many people know the true […]

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Strange Things Found In Food – You Won’t Be Hungry After This!

Strange Things Found In Food  Have you ever looked at something you just bought to eat or drink and wondered if there's something in it  that SHOULDN'T be in it?  Like what? Canned and processed foods sometimes bring more than just food, sometimes people find bugs, human body parts, rats, and other very disgusting and […]

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10 Places To Hide During a Zombie Apocalypse

10 Places To Hide During a Zombie Apocalypse  There are a bunch of people who would actually welcome a zombie apocalypse, as strange as it sounds it's true. But what if there was a zombie outbreak, what would be the first thing that you would do? You would need to think about personal protection, emergency survival […]

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