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Real Evidence Of Paranormal Activity?

Real Evidence Of Paranormal Activity? So most of you if not all of you who are reading this right now have seen some kind of paranormal type of movie. It may have been one of the Paranormal Activity movies or something similar. Everyone is intrigued by the paranormal and the reality that one day we […]

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A Ghost Jumping Into A Pond, Or A Clever Hoax?

  A Ghost Jumping Into A Pond, Or A Clever Hoax? There's an interesting thing I noticed in this video from the get go that could possibly make it real.The age of the place that they're swimming at, but then something became evident. As soon as you the ghost you can tell something is off. What it over […]

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Strange Phenomenon a Cover up?

Real UFO's Or Government Cover ups? Some of you may have heard about things like Project Blue Beam and the Hadron Collider where they're messing around with dark matter and other various things. Now the Hadron Collider is a real thing that is supposedly used for testing, for what? Not many people know the true […]

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A Real Big Foot Creature Caught On Video?

A Real Big Foot Creature? A man in Tampa, Florida supposedly captured footage of what he believes to be Big Foot or what locals call the Skunk Ape. Local authorities say that people are mistakenly spotting the supposed Skunk Ape for bears which roam around this area.  They said that some people are capturing footage of bears from a […]

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10 Horror Movies That Were So Bad We Couldn’t Stop Watching Them

10 Horror Movies So Bad We Couldn’t Stop Watching Them   If you’ve ever caught yourself watching a movie and were so engaged in it but then all of the sudden stopped and thought. “Why the heck am I still watching this junk?” You’re not alone, there are many of us who have done this […]

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