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10 Extremely Odd But Surprising Uses For Urine

Now before you start shaking your head, you have to hear us out. This was a suggestion by one of you fans. We recently started the site back up and what better way to start out than with some….. urine?

There are a lot of things that we say that include urine, like what? Well the saying “piss poor” is one of them. Back in the day you could sell your urine if you didn’t have any money or anything else at all. So that made you piss poor, hence the name and the saying that has stayed around for a very long time.

The video we found below is actually really interesting once you get past the fact that you’re learning about urine of all things. But then again there are things that we use that are in our products these days that would probably make us a cringe a bit.

Will this video or post make you look at urine differenly? Probably not, but today you will learn something new. Something not very useful, because lets face it, we can get other products in place of urine to work for us.

Then again if you don’t have anything else but urine to work with, well here you go!

Video Source- Joe Scott

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