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Movie Theater Plays Insidious Chapter 3 Instead of Inside Out

A movie theater in Middleton, Ohio, became a couple childrens worst nightmare, when they went with their mother to check out Pixar's Inside Out. The movie is about a girl who's emotions find themselves in a bit of a struggle after the girl is met with some life challenges. 

But instead of Inside Out the kids got a first hand look at the movie Insidious Chapter 3! 

Now the manager apologized for the error and the mix up and gave the family some free tickets to check out Inside Out in 3d. Now if you go to a movie with your kids and notice that the movie isn't ANYWHERE CLOSE to what you're supposed to watch, wouldn't you get up and ask someone what's going on?

I mean most of us have seen the previews for the Insidious movies and know SOMETHING about it. I wonder how long these people stayed in theater… 

Instead of giving them free movie tickets, they should have given them a free pass to a psychological evaluation session! 

Check out the full story here 

What would YOU do if this happened to you while you were with your children?

Would a refund be enough for you or would you want more?


SOURCE – WOCHIT MOVIES – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YB4pxVz1_A



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