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The Top 5 most Evil Women In History

The Top 5 most Evil Women In History 

Evil Women You Wouldn't Ever Want To Meet

Imagine being labeled  as "one of the most evil women in history", do you think you would even care? Most of these women probably didn't care about that label or else they wouldn't have done the terrible things that ended up landing them on this list in the first place. Now when we think of "evil women", we probably think of someone like a mother in law or some crazy lady down the street from where we grew up at. 

But these women are of a different nature, these women probably wouldn't think twice about taking you out if they had to. It's scary to think that there were and still are people like this in the world. Who knows you might be living next to a psychopath right now and may not even know it. What really makes someone get to this level of insanity, madness, and evil?

Could it be a lifetime or torment, or do you think something simply was off with these women from the day they were born? There are many theories and so called answers, but no one really fully knows. Are some people wired wrong or is it something that it's in some peoples dna? IF so how can tell if someone is going to be like this when they're younger?

Who knows…. It just seems like one question leads to 10 more… Anyways check out the video post and let us know your thoughts! 

Check out the video and see the top 5 most evil women in history!


Check it out and let us know what you think! 

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