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10 Horror Movie Openings That Made You Jump In The Air!

Horror Movies That Made You Jump

If you love horror movies you’re no stranger to “jump scares” or those moments where you least expect something to happen then something does. Most of us get a quick laugh out of it and a possible sigh of relief that it was only part of the movie. However, there are those certain movies that don’t wait for the movie to start to scare the wits out of you. The type of movie that as soon as the film starts, something incredibly scary happens.

I know for a fact we’ve all seen a few of those types of movies. In our experience, some of those movies end up being not so good. So the only part of the movie that ends up being worth watching is the jump scare portion. One movie that comes to mind is the old 2005 “Boogeyman” horror movie. The one where the father goes and sees if there’s a monster in his son’s closet only to fall victim to it. It was the kind of scare that made you want to sleep with the lights on. Check out the list below and let us know did your movie make the list?

Don’t get too scared! 

Video Source – Watchmojo.com

Do you know any movies that started off even scarier than any of these movies?

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