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Superman fan undergoes 23 surgeries to look like Superman


One Mans Obsession With Superman 

Herbert Chavez of Calamba City in the Philippines has a HUGE fascination with Superman, I mean it's more of strange obsession then anything. Now to have a large collection is one thing, but to have 23 surgeries is another, now this guy wants to have even more. 

The story came out a few years ago but just recently he went in for even more surgeries. He wants to become taller, and the doctors are saying that he could run a risk of becoming paralyzed. 


Obsessive Compulsive disorder?

Could it be that he suffers from a disorder that he needs to look MORE like Superman? When will it be enough? Do you think this guy will never be happy with his results. I honestly think he looks pretty close to Superman right now, the only thing missing now is real powers. Maybe instead of pec implants and muscle implants, he should actually work out! 

What do you think?


What do you think of this story?

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