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Strange Monsters Caught On Trail Cams


Strange Monsters Caught On Trail Cams

Those of you who hunt or have trail cams know that you can catch some rather odd things on camera. Every now and then we find stuff that makes us question the things we capture on film. 

Most of the time it's bugs or something of that nature we capture on the camera, other times it's either some sort of distortion in the camera or film of some sort. 

But, in some rare cases….. Yeah we find some stuff that makes us scratch our heads! 

It's almost like something out of a sci fi movie, or something out of a pg 13 horror movie, but the pictures of these creatures make you think a little bit.

The first one looks rather fake and video shopped, as do 1 or 2 of the others, but there are a couple that make you think otherwise. 

Could there be things out in the woods that no one knows about, things that come out when no one else is around?

Good question! 

Check these out and let us know, do you think they're real or faked?

Have you ever caught anything strange on video?




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