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Short Scary Movie – Lights Out

Short Horror Movie – Lights Out 

We at Mr. Bricks Media LOVE a good scary movie, now the only thing we don't like is the fact that we have to pay so much in order to watch them. Most of the scary movies that come out these days are rather on the blah side, well the movies that hit theaters that is, but what bout independent ones? There are a bunch of what we like to call "hidden gems" out there. The types of movies that leave you wanting much more, the types of movies you wonder why they didn't make it to the movies. 

So what makes a good scary movie

Well for us it's the fact that if the movie makes you look around after you're done watching it, then that's a good scary movie. Also if a movie passes by and you get so freaked out by it that you forget it's just a movie, well then that's a good scary movie! Enough rambling, we've found some VERY GOOD short scary horror movies that we would like to showcase, today we will be showcasing a movie by the name of LIGHTS OUT, it's a rather short one but it gets STRAIGHT TO THE POINT! 

Don't watch this one alone and at night! 

Don't say we didn't warn you! 


LIGHTS OUT – by David Sandberg featuring Lotta Losten 




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