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10 Horror Movies That Are So Terrible We Still Watched Them

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Now we all remember the really GOOD horror movies, but what about those movies thay part way through we end up thinking… 

"Why the heck am I still watching this junk?"

It happens to all of us every now and then, sometimes more often than we would like. But every now and then there's a movie that won't let us shut it off. We know it's terrible but we simply can't stop watching because of something.

But why?


Check ou the 10 horror movies that were terrible yet we still watched them.


Honestly the worst one that I've seen was a movie by the name of RUBBER! It was so bad you had to keep watching it, you just couldn't stop watching it for some reason. The movie was about a tire that would kill people and just go baok to a hotel room to watch televison. I couldn't believe what I was watching and yet I didn't turn it off, I think the movie puts you in some kind of trance! 

So what's the worst horror movie that you've ever seen?


3 thoughts on “10 Horror Movies That Are So Terrible We Still Watched Them”
  1. Marcy June 3, 2015 on 2:54 am Reply

    Movie called The Beast Within and The Stuff. Just plain stupid!

    • mrbricks June 4, 2015 on 1:18 am Reply

      I agree, I just saw that a few weeks ago, well the first part anyways! 

  2. Teri October 11, 2015 on 4:18 pm Reply

    Silent Night, Deadly Night. This movie was actually protested when it came out. You'd have to see it to believe it.

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