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Was This Guy Attacked By An Unseen Force?


Demon Attack Or Medical Emergency?


Now this video surfaced in mid October 2014, when it did it went viral for obvious reasons. Now it seems a bit over dramatic and somewhat video edited and photo shopped. Could there have been someone pull the guys legs and finally edited out during post production of the film?

Some people are saying that the video is actually the real deal,  that this was a surprise attack of some sort, it was a demonic entity that it was a sneak attack of some sort. 

The video looks sort of convincing, but my only problem is that wouldn't you help a fellow combat soldier out instead of video taping it?

Could this possibly be some kind of epileptic seizer or some some other medical condition that needs severe medical attention? Who know what these soldiers  were exposed too, it could also be something chemical based that they were exposed too that made him go crazy?

Whatever the case this surprise attack is still a bit creepy, check it out


What do you think it was?

Do you think this was  the real deal or just another fake video?


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