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Husband And Wife Stumble Across Spider Eating Entire Possum – Talk About Scary!

Oh imagine the horror….. 

You're walking into a room and the first thing you see is this giant spider eating a possum, yes a possum of all things. Sounds a bit like something from the old move Arachnophobia. The movie where the spiders got really big and ate everything and everyone in their way. If you don't like spiders I would probably avoid that movie at all costs if you haven't seen it yet. 

Now most of us are scared of spiders, and in reality most spiders are harmless. There are some that have a nasty bite and can kill you, ehh no biggie right? 


But for the most part most spiders don't want bother anyone besides having a menacing look. Well you can imagine the horror that these people felt when they walked into the room and saw this happening. I don't think I would be able to sleep soundly for a least a year or more after witnessing this in person. I would be looking around in all corners just to see if there are any giant spiders trying to get me, as would most of us. 

But like we before, not ALL spiders are dangerous so don't go killing off every spider you see just because of this video! You may just make the wrong spider family mad and end up in being dinner yourself. 

We're joking….. Or maybe not! 

Check out the video post we found by DailyUSNEWS  about this and try not to let the video make you cringe! 



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