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Alien Creatures Caught On Tape?

Do Aliens Really Exist?  So supposedly these are authentic videos of real aliens caught on tape, however even we think some of these are rather obviously faked.  Do we believe in aliens or alien life elsewhere? Yes, the universe is too dang big for us to be alone. We can't be the smartest creatures in […]

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10 Horror Movie Openings That Scared The Pants Off Of You!

Horror Movies That Scared You Right From The Start Now when you watch a scary movie whether it's a PG 13 horror movie  or Rated R one, you usually don't expect a movie to jump at you right from the get go. Usually the movie has to explain the story and go through some ra-ra to […]

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Strange Image Of An Unknown Creature In Brazil

Strange Brazilian Creature  Pictures, videos, and all kinds of stuff pop up all over the net, most of the time they're fake but every now and then they make you question things. Is this a creature or some guy in a suit trying to  pretend like he's a creature in the back ground? Good question…..  Check […]

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